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Travel Trends to Follow in 2021.

In post-covid ways, massive changes are seen in the traveling style of people. People have taken to "revenge travels" to break free from the monotonous life after the lockdown. Travel-related restrictions and health prioritization have significantly impacted the travel trends in 2021.

1. Health and Safety are transparent.

Opinion polls show that people are looking for a way forward. According to surveys it came out that, people are looking for destinations that have high preventive methods and the accommodation is of better quality with the health and hygiene factor.

It is too early to predict international destinations depending on the vaccine drive, air bubbles between two countries, and the long-term foreign travel policies.

People are looking for places that are drive away from their homes, and they are traveling to re-bond with their friends and family.

2. Leisure Travel

Whether on vacation, weekends, or at work, people will again take time out to socialize and relax. Unlike the regular days, they aren't running behind, ticking the boxes they had thought of visiting. These leisurely walks and travels are energizing and refreshing to travellers. Therefore you can start scrolling through internet about the best travel destinations to visit in the coming month.

3. Pleasure flights

Some travellers find satisfaction in pleasure flights. Looking at the new sitting flights, companies started "Flights to nowhere." The passengers sat in the aircraft, saw the beauty of nature, and never walked out. This was done amidst the virus, with safety at peak and considering aerophiles.

4. Private Islands

People who could afford the private island takeovers started planning their vacations and spent their time in solitude luxuriously. Maldives and Seychelles have tropical bubbles where your resorts are surrounded by nothing – but, sea! So one can book the best resort there and spend time in peace along with nature.

It proves to be a great escape during summer times.

5. Solo Trips

The pre-pandemic time showed 18% of the bookings for solo traveling, but following the pandemic, people have now shown more interest in solo traveling. As the percentage of number of people opting for solo traveling has increased significantly to 54%.

6. Free Change Charges!

With the coronavirus at surge and the government imposing daily new rules and regulations, the flights and charges implemented the no Change charge. If you change the ticket at the last minute or change the hotel plan at a different time, it is still free. With changing guidelines, now and then, the hospitality industry brought the changes to win the trust of the travellers.

7. Contactless Trends

People are choosing contactless features. Right from the contactless check-in at the airport to the hotel bookings and ordering food has become usual more than the exception. The travel and hospitality industry is doing everything possible to instil the faith and confidence of travellers. It is an excellent time of responsibility and concern to both the travellers and the travel industry.

8. Luxury Based Travelling- Staycation

People have started choosing luxury stays for their vacations. No traveller wants to compromise on safety and hygiene. People choose heritage homes, villas, or Havelis for their stays with luxury and premium stays.

This shows a blurring line between living and traveling. People want to stay for long in their vacation stays.

9. Sustainable travel Choices

Travelers are choosing places that are located in the vicinity of nature. It is refreshing, closer to remote communities, affordable, and a new experience to travel and individuals' unique choices to find themselves alive again. This sustainable approach is benefiting the communities where the travellers are staying.

10. Safari Conservation.

With very few travellers approaching the safaris and sanctuaries – it meant a danger warning to the animals and rangers. The more prominent traveling companies started charities and funding’s to help sustain the pandemic. For example, the Safari reserves in Africa were supported by Pelorus that is a prominent travel booking company under the Pelorus Foundation.

Yonder – A International travel based company debuted the itineraries that were designed for local communities and animals. They included trips to India's Ranthambore National Park to work with the "Tiger Watch." It is predicted that people will follow the 'travel for good' in the years to come.

Though there is a decrease in the number of covid cases, it is advisable to take all the covid precautions while traveling.

Our Safety is Our Responsibility!


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