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There are some superfoods available, which very few people know of. Including these superfoods in your diet will significantly impact your fitness goals and overall health, which is a vital part of maintaining your body. Superfoods have a plethora of benefits, and has a lot of adaptable uses. Read on to know what these superfoods are.


We are going to talk about local, readily available, and pocket-friendly superfoods. They will help you in weight loss, glowing skin, shiny and strong hair, high immunity, and strong digestion power. Let us discuss them.

  • Jackfruit – This fruit is found mainly in southwestern parts of India. It is good in boosting immunity, is the number one fertility promoter, and helps in anti-aging. It is also used as a substitute for meat because of its texture. It contains a lot of micronutrients. This fruit is good for gaining muscle mass. Jackfruit can also be eaten ripe as it tastes sweet, is rich in antioxidants, and is also known to kill cancer cells. Its seeds contain a high amount of iron, rejuvenate the skin and hair, and are a natural anti-depressant.

  • Oats - Oats contain a high amount of fibre, which is soluble, which also helps lower your blood pressure. They also help in reducing cholesterol levels. They are rich in beta-glucan and good carbohydrates. Beta-glucan helps maintain sugar levels as it reduces the digestion speed of sugar. It is a good source of protein that helps in repairing, gaining, and growth of muscles. It is also known to prevent heart disease.

  • Chia Seeds – not many people know about Chia seeds and, therefore, miss out on the positives about them. They contain Vitamin – B, Omega-3 fatty acids, are a good antioxidant, and have protein. Only a spoonful can give you a high amount of these benefits. It is rich in fibre, and its carbohydrate content is mostly fibrous. For weight loss Chia Seeds is a beneficial ingredient as it contains a high amount of fibre and protein. It can be had as a snack, or mixed with meals and with milk a well.

  • Green Gram – This is one of the best lentils you can have readily available in your house. It helps strengthen the body, is easy to digest, and helps keep our body cool. It is rich in Vitamin B6, iron folate, potassium, and fibre. It is perfect for gaining muscle mass and even for fat loss. It can be consumed in plenty of ways, be it namkeen, dosa, pakora, soup, laddu and halwa. Moong dal water is perfect for our intestines and body tissues. It is also benificial for the eyes. It can also be eaten in sprouted form. (Tip: soak moong dal overnight in raw milk and grind it in the morning. Apply it on your face and wash it after 15 minutes – be ready for naturally glowing skin!)

  • Lemon – yes, it is there on the list of superfoods as it has many positive effects on your body. It is rich in Vitamin C, boosts immunity, aids digestion, is anti-oxidizing, and anti-inflammatory. According to a study lemon juice mixed with ginger juice and honey in warm water can help you lose weight. Lemon Juice is known to reduce dandruff when applied to your hair. You can also rub it on your skin to remove excess dirt from it, as it is a good cleansing agent. Lemon peel has more Vitamin C than in the juice, therefore, peel it and have it with ginger tea. If you have a stomach ache, lemon pickle can do the magic and help in reducing it quickly, that too naturally. It is good in strengthening the liver and also for people having arthritis.


These were the top 5 superfoods that can help you in maintaining your body and keep you healthy. They help you stay fit and help you stay focused, as a healthy body can make way for a healthy mind. These superfoods are readily available and can be added to your daily diet. Always try to consume foods that are suitable for health and stay away from junk food. Always stay fit and stay healthy!


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