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Super Foods to boost your Immune System.

“Superfoods are foods that have a high nutritional density. "Basically, a superfood packs a lot of nutritional punch in a tiny package,” explains Senior Clinical Nutritionist, Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

The raging pandemic has put the spotlight back on staying healthy and boosting the immune system. Superfoods have great benefits and who wouldn't want to take advantage of those right now?


Breadfruit is in the mulberry family, making it a relative of jackfruit. They look similar, but the breadfruit doesn’t grow nearly as large as jackfruit. “Breadfuit is an energy-rich food with complex carbohydrates, fibre and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and manganese. It helps build resistance against infections, improve cardiovascular health, dental health and control diabetes.

In fact breadfruit can easily replace potatoes or pasta and it's a great alternative for potato chips or french fries.


An effective way of treating Covid 19 is nitric oxide (NO), a compound with antiviral properties that is produced by the body itself. Certain foods can help increase nitrate oxide in the body. One of them is Beetroot, including Spinach, Lettuce, Celery to the list. Consuming beetroot juice increases nitric oxide levels by 21% after just 45 minutes.


Neem has been a forerunner in boosting the immune system while cooling down the body internally. “But most importantly it works as an antiviral agent. Neem also has blood-purifying properties leaving you with a boosted immune system. Add neem powder to your green or back tea.


This well-known medicinal herb provides numerous benefits for the body and mind. “Ashwagandha root powder is an adaptogen, meaning it’s a natural substance that helps the body manage stress. The other proven health benefits range from improving strength and stamina to boosting immunity. This powder can be mixed with milk and consumed.


A great herb to reduce inflammation in the gut. Ginger is a go-to remedy for cold, sinus, tummy ache or sore throat. A tall mug of warm water with crushed ginger, some tulsi leaves, organic honey and lemon could be so healing to the mind, body and the soul.


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