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Street Food in India to Savour

Indian street food is as diverse as the rest of the nation is. There are those that you get across the country, but every region brings its own nuance. Every village, town, and the city has some specialty that you get only in that place and nowhere else. There are cult shops that have a huge and loyal fan following. They are a part of the intangible heritage of the city.

Millions of varieties of street food are consumed on Indian streets every day. Come with us to get a glimpse of them.

So, Which of these is your favorite?

Chaat: Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Shev Puri

Undoubtedly Gol Gappe or Pani Puri tops the list of popular Indian Street Foods.

Vada Pav / Samosa Pav: The Indian Burger

Hot Favorites when it comes to an evening snack

Chinese Bhel and Manchurian Pakoda

Chinese may well not identify the dish if it is served to them.

Bread Pakoda Kachori

Aloo Tikki

A poor cousin of the popular vada pav, famously paired with chana masala.


Cheesy and spiced to your taste, you can have them as you like them.


Undoubtedly a food we can live on. The variations in dosas can add up to your hunger.


Jalebi is one of the few sweet snacks that are consumed just like savories in many parts of India

Chicken Shawarma

Its flavour is inviting to say the least. One of the few Non Veg street food option to grab on.

Roasted Peanuts

Another pan Indian street food to binge eat on.

Chana Jor Garam

A tint of masala and a tint of salt dancing on your palette topped with a soft crunch.


These are the new-age street food rage of India.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

A subtle delight to eat, serving to be healthy.

Bhutta / Sweet Corn

The most popular form is freshly roasted Bhutta, with a dash of lemon, salt, and red chili powder.

Anna Idli / Vada / Dosa

The Universal Indian breakfast by the "Annawala"


The humble 2 mins "tava" baked cheesy pizza can be definitely opted over Dominoes.


The aroma of these from far afar blindly invite us to salivate.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack? This snack does not define its time.


Crunchy, buttery and tingy sweet. A pocket square food to savour.

So, Which of these is your favorite?


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