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Most Famous Expensive Homes in Mumbai

138 people from India are billionaires. And it is safe to assume that these billionaires live an outrageous lifestyle and own the most expensive homes and most of them reside in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country.

After all, none of these below homes have a cost any less than a billion.

Mukesh Ambani's - Antilia

Home Valuation: Rs 10,000 crores

Well, you probably guessed this one. Just to reiterate, Antilia is the most expensive property in India. Antilia was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, with the Australian-based construction company Leighton Holdings taking charge of its construction. Together they created a masterpiece. Antilia comprises 27 floors with the most extravagant amenities. Consisting of 27 inhabitable floors equate to 40 storeys because of their exceedingly high ceilings, the Ambani mansion has over 600 staffers maintaining it.

Gautam Sanghania's - JK House

Home Valuation: Rs 6000 crores

Another tall, fancy, luxurious building in South Mumbai is Gautam Sanghania’s JK house. The property is spread over 16,000 square ft and is the second-tallest private building in India, after Antilia. The Neo-gothic building is said to house a spa, two private swimming pools, a gym, a recreational area and even its own helipad.

Anil Ambani's - Abode

Home Valuation: Rs 5000 crores

Anil Ambani’s house doesn’t lack far behind either. Spread over 16000 square feet and 70 metres high located in Pali Hill,Bandra. The home is said to comprise all amenities and luxuries of a seven star hotel.

Sajjan Jindal's- Jindal House

Home Valuation: Rs 425 crore

This three-story sea-faced bungalow that Sajjan Jindal purchased for Rs 400 crore was the most expensive real estate deal before KM Birla bought his house for Rs 425 crore. Jindal’s dream home in Mumbai is located at Napean Sea road and used to be the Belgian Consulate. It was then priced at Rs 125 crore. The Rs 300-crore increase in its price was one of the biggest mark-up the real estate world had seen.

Shah Rukh Khan's - Mannat

Home Valuation: Rs 200 crores

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri moved into Mannat in Mumbai, in 2001 and at that point, the home was 26,328.52 sq. ft just an empty shell, which Gauri slowly and thoughtfully put together to create a warm, family nest with her designing that shows a confluence of styles—Italian, neo-classical, and a peppering of Indian elements.

Accents curated by her from stores in Dubai, London, design fairs like Maison & Objet in Paris and Salone del Mobile in Milan, find pride of place.

Ratan Tata's - Retirement Home

Home Valuation: Rs 150 crores

Ratan Tata's all-white bungalow in Colaba serves as the former Tata Sons Chairman's retirement home. The The house sits on a widespread area of 15,000 square feet home which is divided into 7 levels. The top floor has a sun deck that can accommodate up to 50 people. This home is a 20 min drive from Bombay House.

Amitabh Bachchan's - Jalsa

Home Valuation: Rs 112 crore

The Bollywood legend's Juhu, Mumbai home is nothing short of a pilgrimage site for many actors. The home is allegedly a 10,123 square feet, double storied residence. The home was gifted to the family by director Ramesh Sippy when the Amitabh completed the movie Satte pe Satta.


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