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Indian craft beers you have to try!

There are over 200 craft beers in Maharashtra alone to choose from. Now is the time to expand your horizons, embrace your favourites and discover totally new styles. From mainstream lagers, cult-status IPAs to innovative craft stouts and more we have rounded up 7.

Foo Brew from the Creators of Foo and Koko

Foo brew is a light, easy-drinking beer that pairs well with the bold and robust Asian flavours. The duo Ryan and Keenan Tham brewed in collaboration with Great State Aleworks, While it is good to pair with any meal, Foo finds a perfect match in sushi and sashimi with its umami quality you don’t expect in a brew.

WIT by White Rhino

Instead of the raw wheat typically used by Belgian brewers, this wheat beer uses Indian rolled wheat and complements it with fresh organic coriander seeds from the Himalayas. The result is a highly complex beer that is both aromatic and refreshing. Drink it as is or with a gigantic burger by the side.

White Zen by Gateway Brewing Co

One of the first beers of Gateway Brewing co when it launched in 2014, this wheat beer is made using all Indian malts. It quickly went on to become the most known and favourite wheat beer in Mumbai. “The light hints of clove and banana make this beer extremely enjoyable and easy brew to sip slowly at a bar after a long day.

Kati Patang Zesty Amber Ale

This amber coloured beer with its perfect balance of intensely complex flavours and a wonderfully smooth caramel finish is delicious. Kati Patang is brewed and bottled in Bhutan, at the Serbhum brewery but is owned by the Indian couple Shantanu and Lata.

Eight Finger Eddie by Goa Brewing Co

Named after Yertward Mazamanian, fondly known as Eight Finger Eddie (because he had only 8 fingers) who started the Anjuna flea market in Goa this is a fruity beer with a hint of the hop bitterness. The beers are brewed in a beautiful 250 year old Indo-Portuguese bungalow in the village of Sangolda, Goa.

Punk IPA by Brewdog

This medium bodied beer has a caramel taste and has the perfect carbonation levels which add to the drinkability of the brew. “Named after the music movement which created a global shift in music this beer too is creating a similar shift in the beer industry.

Vanilla Porter by Kimaya Brewing Company

Dark, bubbly and full of flavour, Vanilla Porter is a crowd pleaser. “It’s an impeccably balanced beer, neither too heavy nor too light and perfect for any time of the day and year. The locally sourced vanilla pods, dark chocolate malt and roasted barley create the perfect medley of flavours.

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