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What are the most soothing colours for the home? Experts answer.

These shades recommended by experts have a positive effect on your mind and can help create a calm, relaxing home.

It’s All Around Us Colours have energy and every colour elicits a unique emotional response, therefore a strategic use of colours can bring in a sense of harmony and can enable us to focus on what we want to achieve,

Find out which hues are ideal for your home

As people are spending more and more time at home, it becomes important to shift focus on this very crucial space. A home should be a place of rest, a stress-free haven where you are in the best frame of mind.

We spoke to experts to tell us about colours that can positively affect our mental health. Turns out, hues have a significant influence on us.

Types of Colours

“The 7 colours of the spectrum are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red (VIBGYOR). Colours like Violet, Indigo, Blue are cool colours with a shorter wavelength while Yellow, Orange and Red are hot colours with a longer wavelength. Green has a medium wavelength which makes it a restful and quiet colour,”

Note that cool colours have a meditative and restful effect on the mind while hot colours have the tendency to evoke stress and anxiety.

Ideal Shades

If you want to go for a conservative colour scheme, “use Off-White and neutral colours to bring in a sense of openness within the home and consider shades of light blue as it has a very soothing effect. Colours like Red are a strict no as it stimulates anxiety and Yellow may make one feel melancholic”

For those who feel that neutrals are boring, a limited use of colour can add life into the look and feel of the home. “The best colours include sky blue as it calms the mind, muted grey because it stands for tranquillity, pale yellow brings in an element of warmth and light pink can be used as an accent colour.

Bring in the earthy hues of nature with wooden furniture and a lot of indoor plants.


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