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Best Street Food in Nashik

India has a vivid variety of street food, and as diverse and colourful our culture and traditions are, so is the country's food. Every state of India has different varieties of food offering for foodies. Every state and city has its own speciality, and so does Maharashtra. In this blog we will be covering the amazing city of Nashik. Nashik is a city which offers some finger licking street food.

Nashik very well delights its food-loving customers with a range of local food like modaks which could be flavoured, fried or steamed, Indian version of burgers like Vada pav or Kutchi dabeli or crispy Sabu dana Vada, which is a staple diet for anyone on a fast.

Moving ahead, let’s have a look at some of the most mouth watering and best street foods of Nashik.

Here is a list of the most cherished and loved food items of Nashik!

1. Chaat at Shaukeen's Bhel Centre

This is a highly recommended chaat centre by the localities that offer some delicious chat items. Shaukeens have been serving their delighted customers since 1998 and is a must visit place for the locals of Nashik. Well, it's not only the food that attracts the people but their prompt service and courteous behaviour too. And also, times have changed; therefore, do not worry about getting cash to the stall as they accept all kinds of cards and online payments.

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Chaat at Shaukeen's Bhel Centre

2. Ambika's Missal

Missal pav is every Maharashtrians favourite in fact in the past few years this dish has been quite famous for all the travellers who visit Maharashtra. Nashik is well known for its unique and spicy Missal Pav dishes. One of the best part of Maharashtra's Missal is that they have been named after different cities like, Kolhapuri Missal, Nashik Missal, Puneri Missal, Khandeshi Missal and Nagpuri Missal, among which the Nashik Missal is the most trending one till now. Missal consists of a spicy curry made with sprouts and beans and served along with pav. Hey, this dish does not stop here; you do get some sides along with it to complete the absolute Missal Pav dish. You’d get some curd, papad, salad and buttermilk along. Don’t forget to add this in your check list while visiting this city!

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Ambikas Missal Pav

3. Vada Pav at Krishna

India has its own version of Burgers that is widely known as “Vada pav” , which is again best served in Maharashtra. It has a deep-fried potato masala patty embedded between a square shape bun that is lightly roasted in butter. This Vada pav is served with green chillies, raw onions, spicy green chutney made out of coriander and mint to give this dish a spicy, tangy flavour. Krishna's Vada pav is one of the best and most popular Vada pav food shops in Nashik.

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Vada Pav at Krishna

4. Sayantara's Sabu Dana Vada

Although Sabu dana is said to be a diet for fasting, Sayantara's Sabudana Vada centre of Nashik is a place that you cant miss if your in Nashik. The vadas are served hot with the yummiest chutney ever. It's a mouth-watering patty made up of tapioca pearls. This simple dish is one of the most famous, preferred one during festival days and is a go-to dish for those who observe a fast.

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Satyantaras Sabu Dana Vada

5. Bappa's Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is one dish filled with flavours with a blend of spicy vegetables sautéed, mixed and smashed together. This dish is served with a soft buttered bun, which is commonly known as pav, alongside freshly cut onions and lemon wedges. This dish originated in Mumbai but has now taken over different parts of India like Nashik, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, etc. Though every city has its distinct style of making this pav Bhaaji, the ultimate taste is phenomenal. Bappa's Pav bhaji in Nashik is one of the oldest and lip-smacking delicacies of Maharashtra.

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Bappas Pav Bhaji

6. Jalebi at Buddha Halwai

Well, we Indians have a sweet tooth and it is embedded in Indian culture to have a sweet after our meals. Hence this list of best street food of Nashik would be incomplete if we do not include the most famous sweet dish of this city. Buddha Halwai is best known for its Hygiene, variety and quality of their snacks and sweets, out of which Jalebi is considered the most loved delicacy. This store started in 1956 and serves a special item known as potato jalebi, which is again a plus point for people keeping their fast during festivals. The Halwai's or the cooks at Buddha Halwai believe in utmost customer satisfaction. So don't forget to try this, else your street food list would be partially incomplete without this place.

Best street Foods in Nashik. - Jalebi at Buddha Halwai

Bottom Line.

To sum it up this these are some of the most flavourful dishes that will not only fascinate you but bring you back to visit the beautiful city of Nashik again. Also, you might be thinking why does Nashik offer special dishes for Fasting - so just to remind you Nashik is also known as the Holy city of India. As it has a mythological history, it is a land of God and hence you would find a lot of devotees here.

Altogether, Nashik has something for everyone.


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